The Surge In Afghanistan Began This Morning …

The Bold Pursuit is pleased to present a “View From the North,” submitted by our “Northern Neighbour.” We hope you will enjoy reading another perspective from outside the U.S.

February 13, 2010

That which should have happened last year has finally started this
morning. May God keep all of our soldiers in the palm of his hand and
protect the innocent.

War is a sad thing. Our soldiers have done far more good in this world
than bad. I believe that and I always will. I supported Bush in both
Wars and I always will.

911 was the last wake up call I needed to prove there is real evil in the world and all they want to do is kill Americans. America is my friend and neighbour. In all the years our countries have lived side by side we fought once and Canada won – well okay maybe it was a draw but we burned the White House down. DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE WITH A MATCH AGAIN WASHINGTON!!!!

With all the ‘dithering’ your POTUS did trying to make up his inexperienced mind last year we lost lives in all our countries. There was no excuse for that. Their deaths are on Obama’s hands….

Obama will try and hide the facts.

FACT – the surge shall be a success.

FACT – Obama will try and take credit for it.

FACT – this administration will attempt to bury facts in the memories of Americans regarding the delay.

FACT – This Canadian hopes he fails to do so.

Yes, I hope he fails to use propaganda to help make Americans forget the actual facts.

I hope he fails and I believe he will fail because Americans are not stupid. This administration is banking on the fact they have short memories and that a victory will lull them back to sleep.

This Canadian will continue to work hard and keep Americans on top of the truth.

Obama is a beginner.

A puppet President and a danger to the free world.

He is a slow learner and he and his Vice President have big mouths.

Duct tape please.

Any questions? ….

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