Palin’s Not So Slick “Sleight” of Hand

by Clio

After newly-elected Senator Scott Brown’s crushing and ego-bruising victory in Massachusetts last month, liberals feel that they finally have reason to celebrate and hope for a brighter future thanks to an inexcusable, career-defining and potentially destructive political gaffe by a popular conservative. This is big, folks!

It’s very easy to spot a liberal on this early February day; they are the people walking around with smug, superior, barely-concealed smiles (or, in many cases, wickedly snickering and/or rolling on the floor in gleeful, gloating, ‘gonna-wet-my-pants I’m so happy’ giggles). In spite of the raging blizzards that are bombarding states east of the Mississippi, liberals are feeling all warm and fuzzy right now.

What is the cause of this liberal elation, you ask? What could possibly make their little left-leaning hearts so upbeat and buoyant?

I’m sure the suspense must be agonizing, so I’ll tell you why the Dems are delighted: in a post-speech interview in Nashville last Saturday, February 6, cameras caught America’s favorite conservative, Sarah Palin, making a very serious faux pas – one that will likely cause permanent damage to her reputation and future political aspirations.

Finally, all of us, conservative and liberal alike, have a topic worthy of deep and intellectual discussion.

We’ve endured more than a year of tedious talk about trying terrorists in New York City, closing Guantanamo Bay and spending millions to refurbish a prison in Illinois.

Wait a minute, isn’t Illinois Mr. Obama’s adopted home state? Well, what a coinkidink! Who needs the Olympics? A refurbed prison will bring jobs and attention to Illinois as the new home base for enemy combatants … I mean “those who provide substantial assistance to al-Qaeda and its associates around the globe” while they await trial for their terrorist – sorry, I’m having a hard time keeping up with the New Obama Progressive Dictionary terms – I meant to say their “man-caused disaster” activities.

We can also take a breather from inconsequential issues such as the creation of a national healthcare nightmare and more taxes due to exorbitantly expensive, ill-conceived and poorly-administered bailouts that will burden present and future generations of Americans until global warming forces us to grow gills.

Yes, liberals now have some real meaty, controversial material in which to sink their drooling, freshly-sharpened choppers: Palin scribbled crib notes on her palm.

A camera captured the evidence of Palin’s underhanded attempt to provide prompts during her chat with Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips and the left is reveling in her inky error.

Personally, I think Governor Palin could have found a more appropriate way to jog her memory during her Q&A with Mr. Phillips. The method she chose was a little sophomoric, but not moronic, as comedians, talk show and cable news hosts were ballyhooing at full blast today.

Let’s have a show of hands: how many of us have written a number or note on our palms for convenience or just because we didn’t want to bother finding notepaper? Yep, I thought so… only the conservatives are confessing to their ink-stained handiwork.

The Left argues that a potential presidential candidate shouldn’t have a cheat sheet written on her hand. The Right may counter with “we shouldn’t have a president who can’t speak to his country or make foreign policy statements without reading his rhetoric off a teleprompter.”

My conservative friends may not like this, but I agree with both positions.

I believe that we should criticize our leaders (or potential leaders) if their behavior isn’t up to par (in fact, I think there’s something about the privilege of free speech in our Bill of Rights).

Sarah Palin isn’t a newcomer to the political arena, but she is still finding her footing on the national political stage. She spent the months before the election and almost a year and half since the failed McCain/Palin presidential bid fighting slander and libel from the left, as well as numerous and unfounded (and now dismissed) ethics violation complaints.

Sarah Palin has walked through the fire and emerged unburned. I think she can handle a little criticism.

We can forgive a few (small) mistakes and still support her. I’m confident that Governor Palin is a quick learner and predict that she’ll recover from this silly error in judgment. If she doesn’t, we’ll know soon enough.

So, let the Left laugh while they can and enjoy these stolen moments of trivial pleasure; there are two years before we elect a NEW president and Governor Palin has plenty of time to redeem herself from this embarrassment. Hopefully, she’ll discover the joys of post-it notes or find a more discreet “tickler” method.

Regardless of last Saturday’s mistake, conservatives still support Governor Sarah Palin. In fact, we owe her our gratitude for bringing excitement and energy to the Grand Old Party.

Not only did Governor Palin enliven interest and bring votes to the GOP, it’s my position that the post-election grassroots movement and Tea Party phenomena are inspired by that energy.

Conservative, Independent and Libertarian Americans are taking stands in peaceful activism and uniting in a worthy cause: the protection and preservation of our country, its soul and purpose … Sarah Palin is one of a few bright lights pointing the way to the “shining city on the hill” – a global icon of liberty that is currently under heavy cloud cover.

I think it’s highly possible that Governor Palin can handily overcome her penned palm prompt mess and become, at the very least, an asset to conservative candidates and causes – or, at best, a leader in high office.

Now let’s all shake hands and look beyond this little incident to more important issues.


One thought on “Palin’s Not So Slick “Sleight” of Hand

  1. Nice post. I love that girl. She has a special ability to speak to average americans. We all identify with her. Reagan had many of the same qualities. His ability to speak eye to eye with every american was his best quality. When Odumba speaks he sounds like your third grade teacher sending you to the corner. When Sarah speaks, you get the feeling she would fit in at your family picnic with little notice. When the Empty Suit speaks the only thing that comes to my mind is "Liar!" Got to love that Wilson guy! History will record that NObama's downfall started with Joe Wilson's truthful outburst! Matt

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