Memo to Mr. Obama: Time to Read the Tea Leaves…

by Clio

In an act as symbolic as the Boston Tea Party in December 1773, Massachusetts voters went to the polls in record numbers to send Washington a clear and unambiguous message by electing Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in the United States Senate.

Brown is the first Republican since the 1970s to be elected to the U.S. Senate by Massachusetts voters.

Senator-Elect Brown campaigned on a platform that objects to the Obama administration’s haste and waste method of government. He opposes big government, the immensely unpopular healthcare plan and the egregious 13-trillion dollar national debt incurred by Mr. Obama’s policies.

Tonight’s election results are, in effect, a priority memo to Washington: it’s time to read the “tea leaves.”

The unusually high number of voters tonight is indicative of scenarios that will, predictably, be played out across the country in the coming months and years: voters flocking to the polls to the express their outrage at Mr. Obama’s aggressive and tax-heavy agendas, including the much-repudiated healthcare legislation, Senate and Congressional bribery (for example, Landrieu’s “Louisiana Purchase” and Nelson’s Nebraska “Cornhusker Kickback”) and his full back-track on campaign promises.

Accountability is the new keyword for American voters. We’re searching for it and we will have it. Lawmakers who prefer to follow the ill-conceived agendas and legislation of Mr. Obama’s government, in defiance of their constituents’ desires and best interests, may find themselves unemployed in the near future.

In 2008, a slight majority of Americans voted for Mr. Obama, based on his lofty campaign promises of hope and change. It is almost exactly one year after his inauguration and we have witnessed change in our country: sloppy, hasty, poorly-conceived and executed changes, i.e., the Guantanamo Bay closure and plans to try terrorists in civil trials in New York courthouses.

Change, yes, but not the “change we need.” It’s the kind of change that Mr. Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (who is currently lagging in his re-election polls in Nevada) want to cram down our national gullet by any means possible.

We can only hope that, in the upcoming races, the electorate will send a message to Obama, Pelosi and Reid as easy to decipher as history’s Boston Tea Party and Senator-Elect Scott Brown’s victory tonight in Massachusetts: America doesn’t want your healthcare plan and exorbitant taxes.

We do not want big government, 13 trillion-dollar debts or ineffective bailout plans. We do want you and the party in power (Democrats) to listen: for most of the past year, Americans have stood up in Town Hall meetings and strongly expressed their concerns regarding Medicare cuts, fundamentally-flawed healthcare legislation and other bills that were forced through the House and Senate, often without allowing our representatives time to read the hefty, 1000-plus page documents.

In recent months, Americans took to the streets to march in peaceful protests, rallies and tea parties across our nation. Mr. Obama, Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi – you didn’t listen. You maligned and ignored the people you govern.

Now, America is heading to the polls with a message you can’t ignore: “Good Bye.”



2 thoughts on “Memo to Mr. Obama: Time to Read the Tea Leaves…

  1. Sounds like John McCain hasn't stopped fighting for the American people. He played a role in encouraging Scott Brown to run and deserves the gratitude of those of us tired of being force-fed Obamacide health care!

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