Right Wing trolls are frenzied over New Zealand massacre

by Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black
Right wing trolls are frenzied over the New Zealand massaacre, not because it was evil, nor that it will embolden more White lone terrorists, or even that it will prompt retaliation attacks by Muslim extremists – all valid concerns to be on any sober safety creators radar.
Right wing trolls seem to have two primary concerns:  fear this attack will somehow cost Trump re-election and paranoia that outrage about it will ultimately spell the end of society as we know it.
Reasonable Republicans, commonsense conservatives, level headed moderates, and invisible GOP liberals, this is a great time to tell trolls they don’t speak for you.
I’m an Old School Brother, so my line in the sand was drawn at birth regarding opposing terrorists and criminals on the basis of their misdeeds and that alone. I don’t give one a hoodwink and another condemnation.
Right wing trolls will post, tweet, and record the Republican Party into ruin if they aren’t checked or chucked, from within. In a two party system, this would disastrously tilt policy making in one direction- and it’s still up in the air whether any third party could gain enough traction to balance things.
It’ll be interesting to see if this happens.
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a consultant and safety advocate in New Orleans.
He’s also a member of the Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee and Project 21 National Black Conservative Leadership Network. These are his views and not necessarily those of the Committee and Project 21.

Under Reconstruction?

After several years at Squarespace, The Bold Pursuit migrated to WordPress … and is now a jumbled mess, if we’re being honest.

The site was left, unorganized, during a period of political retrospection and the editor’s personal hiatus to care for a parent.

I’m currently contemplating The Bold Pursuit’s future. I left the GOP in 2016 and am an unaffiliated independent at this time. Creating a spectrum of conservative voices was a sincere and successful effort of which I am very proud. Looking forward, I believe a thorough mission review is required.

As the 2020 presidential cycle begins, I am pondering whether there is a need for The Bold Pursuit’s ‘open door’ to conservative bloggers platform… and if there is any one out there willing to help put the site back together. Decisions, decisions …

Regardless, I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all of our friends, fans and authors for your support of our efforts.

~ Clio, Publisher

The Day That Changed America … 9/11

I wrote the blogs listed below to express my feelings about The Day That Changed America. I will never be able to adequately describe that day or its effect on my life, but I will continue to try and … I will always remember September 11, 2001.

During a trip to New York last month, I asked my associate, a long-time resident, about ‘that day.’ His reactions and memories were, I’m certain, tempered over time, but I could still feel the trauma behind his words as he described the impact on friends, neighbors, colleagues and even his two daughters who were in Manhattan, near the Twin Towers that morning. As he spoke of lost friends, those who were widowed (one friend was one of the few bodies that authorities were able to easily identify: he jumped to his death), his voice filled with emotion as he recounted waiting for his daughters to return home. After the attacks, the city went into lockdown — buses and subways stopped running. Minutes seem like hours to a parent who fears for his childrens’ lives. The girls finally arrived home, to grateful and relieved parents, very late that evening.

All of us have our memories of that horrible day. While those who lived at or near Ground Zero, the Pentagon or that vacant field in Pennsylvania experienced the event in a more intense and personal manner, September 11 affected all Americans. Our thoughts are with the survivors and our gratitude, always, to the first responders who taught us that we truly live in the “home of the brave.”

~ Clio

Anti-American Hostilities – From Within and Without

The Enemy From Without Arrives – 9/11

September 11 is this generation’s “day that will live in infamy.” We commemorate the 10th anniversary of the perilous strikes on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the hijacked plane that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania with memorials, tributes and television specials that offer a disturbing déjà vu of those awful events on that beautiful sunny morning in 2001… Continued … The Enemy

Why Every American is a Victim of 9/11 …

First, The Bold Pursuit offers our condolences to those most affected by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001: the families, friends and associates of the victims. We also wish to pay tribute to the first responders who taught us the true meaning of heroism.

Nine years after that dreadful morning, the Cordoba Initiative, led by Chairman Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, plans to construct a $100 million, 13-story Islamic center, including a mosque. Chairman Imam Rauf is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened [on September 11th], but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” Continued … Every American

An Inconceivable Violation…

…Sights and sounds exploded before my eyes on CNN; my knees weakened and I crumbled to the carpet. With shaking hands holding the remote, I surfed the cable news channels, only to see the same visions of panic and pain. News anchors reported assaults on the Pentagon and New York and planes crashing in Pennsylvania, it was clear: America was under attack. Continued … Violation

Safety in a Time of Excuses

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer 

The Milwaukee riots serve notice, as did ones in Ferguson and Baltimore, that some feel grievances are a license to loot, burn and even shoot at emergency vehicles. How do we, stakeholders without battle armor handy, create safety in such times? The first step is candor. 

Candidly speaking, a percentage of urban Millenials are enraged at blue professionals and frankly, White people. 

Like the 1992 LA riots, Milwaukee chaos featured targeting of non-Black citizens. This admission will disturb those whose comfort zones are inclusive and produce social justice advocacy. I’m not asking that you change values, merely don’t cloud your vision to boiling undemocratic hostility. If you can avoid inner city areas, do so without apology. 

What are race relations like where you live and is rioting a real possibility? Anywhere where urban discussion orbits around daily violent crime and poverty is a potential flash point. 

The next step is assessing skills, supplies and your comfort zone regarding using force for self-defense. We are in a time where reason and order are suspended following police shootings. Candor and assessment allow you to meet these outbreaks more on your terms. Creating safety in a time of excuses for public brutality is a cross all hostages bear- no matter how much it is wished otherwise. 

Google, “Colin Flaherty,” for what my warning looks like on video. 
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist. @nadraenzi on twitter.

The “Other” Political Parties of the United States

by Sean A. Langley, Guest Contributor 

We all know about Republicans and Democrats. We also know a lot about Independents. News about these parties has been blasted all over TV news, newspapers and, more recently, the internet for decades. However, it seems that not everyone is fully aware that there isn’t just a 3rd party option…but 4th and 5th party options of who to vote for in a Presidential election, as well.

Myself, I’m a registered Independent for reasons I’ve listed in another article. I’m also extremely pro-Mitt Romney, but let me start by saying this right now: I am not, I repeat not, I say a third time NOT changing my political view point in the slightest. I remain a determined and unashamed supporter of Conservatism and Mitt Romney, which basically means I’m a very Pro-Republican Independent. What you may not know is that the Republican Party is not the only party that has Conservatives in it, and, no, I’m not talking about just a rare few ‘like Conservative’ Democrats.

First, let’s go over #3, the Bronze Medal party that’s only recently really gained some ground. Libertarians are, from my experience, pretty much shades of grey. When they were voting in the Libertarian Party Primaries, there were three guys: Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen and John McAfee. Literally, all three were different in levels of Conservatism vs Liberalism.

Austin Petersen was quite Conservative as Libertarians go: Pro-Life, wants to increase Military Strength, improve Border Security, overturn Obamacare and maintain Constitutional values balanced with National Security acts. McAfee seemed to…not really know much about being President. He’s for legalizing marijuana, allowing for equal religious freedom; he is against going to war with ISIS and increasing internet security for individuals and government. He didn’t really talk about much else. 

Gary Johnson is somewhere in the middle, as he favors limited government, but wants to cut the military budget even more and opposes foreign wars. He doesn’t believe in God at all and favors LGBT rights over Christian rights, opposes gun-control and supports internet security. Johnson also stands against Israel and doesn’t believe that Iran is a threat at all…he would even back Iran up against Israel.

Personally, Gary Johnson is just a bit too Liberal for my tastes. Not gonna lie, I was pretty fond of Austin Petersen. So as you can see, the Libertarian party is a very free-lance party with candidates that can be fairly Conservative to fairly Liberal to not knowing what the freakin’ heck they are, but confused and in the middle somewhere.

Ah, but there are two other parties to consider and, boy-howdy, they don’t have much grey in them. They are the Constitution Party and the Green Party. Both have already had their primaries and selected their Presidential candidates (who I’ll be mentioning later in this blog).

Coming in at a distant 4th is the Constitution Party. This party is heavily Conservative, with strong convictions regarding Christian rights, states rights and a deep belief that the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution and the Bible should be followed at all times as far as governing America goes. More than a few of the stronger politics are former service members in the U.S. Military.

The Presidential nominee for the Constitution Party is former Marine Lieutenant, Darrel Castle. Also a former attorney-at-law, he cites strong Christian values (Presbyterian) having founded a Child’s Foundation and a Christian mission in Romania that ministers to homeless children. As the Constitution Party Presidential Nominee, his viewpoints are pro-life and he opposes funding of Planned Parenthood publicly. Castle believes in foreign war only if the U.S. is threatened or would be in danger due to a result of it, he strongly opposes illegal immigration and supports much more secure borders of the U.S., would end the Federal Reserve so as to put monetary policy back in Congress where the Constitution places it. He’s against the United Nations and NATO and thinks the U.S. should withdraw from both (not entirely sure of my viewpoint on that one to be honest). 
Castle is a very strong believer in states-rights…to the point he thinks that prostitution, gambling, smoking, polygamous relationships, legalizing/criminalizing marijuana should be decided by states-rights. It would give more power to the power, in particular, state politicians, that’s for sure. But that’s kind of a two-edged sword. On one hand, in very Conservative states here in America, that would allow them to establish very Conservative laws and punishments regarding those issues. On the other hand, in very Liberal states, it would allow them to run veritable little mini-Obamanations in those legal areas.

Still, I’ll say this much for Darrell Castle: history heart is in the right place and it’s obvious he loves America. I also think having a former military member in charge of our military would be pretty awesome in itself. He’s not perfect but I’d put him up above Gary Johnson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

Then, at the very bottom of the political totem pole, we have the Green Party – kind of like the Democrat Party’s leftovers. In many ways, they’re similar to Obama-supporters. They’re very pro-LGBT rights over Christian rights, very big into favoring minorities (claiming anti-racism), heavy pacifism (de-escalating the military, gun control, the works…pfft). They are left-wing as HECK. Oddly, they do believe in grassroots democracy, however; the main thing that really seperates them from Democrats is they are heavily into the environment…Ridiculously so.

Don’t get me wrong, clean energy and environment are important issues, but they are totally into eco-socialism as a form of government. That’s right, they’re against capitalism, believe capitalism is a true threat to Mother Earth and that we should drop it and be a government with a type of socialism that makes the global environment as our primary focus. Um, no. You can count me out on that one, but if you have a environment-hippie friend that says they won’t vote, let them see the Green party, they’ll vote.

For the Green Party, Jill Stein is their Presidential nominee. She’s anti-Israel, would cut military budget and spending by at least 50%, opposes war … period, would  focus on jobs that use clean-energy to fix our economy (somehow) and wants to give certain minorities benefits and so forth. On the plus side, she does think Obama has violated international law and opposes Obamacare.

Basically, in short, those are the individuals we have running for President alongside Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (that and with Bernie Sanders registering as an Independent recently, rumors galore are going around he might run an Independent campaign…which isn’t impossible).

Now, let me make something else clear: I wish to bloody-blue-blazes that Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz was the Republican Party pick and I’d have voted for either of those men. Mitt Romney supported Ted Cruz for a reason and I trust Mitt’s judgement. Furthermore, I liked a lot of Ted Cruz’s political positions – though not as much as I liked Mitt’s, but Mitt Romney has stated that he is not running for President. Mitt tweeted that he believes that there will always be some strong, loyal supporters but that he doesn’t believe he’d gain enough people to support him all the way to U.S. President in 2016 (I disagree with that). He thought by standing down, he’d allow younger Conservative Republicans to run and it would strengthen the Party.

Nobody could have foreseen Donald Trump winning the nomination or the massive weakening of the Republican Party afterwards. Once Trump started racking up primary wins, Mitt Romney opposed him, hard and strong. I think it would have been better if Romney opposed him in the Presidential Race as a candidate – unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I think Romney underestimated himself.

Now, none of that is relevant. If Romney ever goes out on a Independent campaign, I’ll vote for him even if he can’t win, just to support him. The point is…he made his choice. He said, no. Whatever I believe on that choice, I respect Mitt Romney as a man and as an American citizen with the right to say no if he wants. I respect his decision, even if he doesn’t agree with it.

Those are our candidates, people. If you don’t want to vote for Trump or Hillary…or Gary Johnson, then you need to start getting the Constitution Party (or even that blasted Green Party, I really don’t support them at all but it is only fair that I mention them as well. Information is power and I’m hoping since this article is going to be on a CONSERVATIVE website that nobody will be fooled by Jill Stein and think she’s better than Clinton or Trump…maybe a little but not nearly enough). Darrell Castle isn’t exactly the best option.. but he’s looking a lot better than Trump, Clinton or Johnson. 

If you want someone more Conservative, it’s up to you, the People. You have more power than you think. Start posting pro-Constitution Party articles and interviews. Starting looking up information on the Party and Darrell Castle on Wikipedia. It’s that simple. The Republican party is weak right now under Trump. The Democratic Party is weakening as well thanks to Bernie Sanders and Clinton having in-fighting. The Libertarian Party is rising in power but only as a “lesser evil”.

We might just have the opportunity to pull something slick off.
I’m Sean Langley and that’s what I think.